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Vegan’s Corner: Your Ultimate Guide for a Balanced Diet

Vegan's Corner: Your Ultimate Guide for a Balanced Diet

Are you one of those who follow a vegan diet?  If your answer to this question is a big “YES”, then it is important to make sure that you’re eating all the right nutrients. In line with the health experts and well-known dietitians, a vegan diet is in time and again considered healthy and is significantly helps in decreasing the risk of heart disease, high BP, high cholesterol, and type-2 diabetes. But, in case you are 100% vegan, then you need to take some time from your busy schedule in order to plan your meals as well as snacks – by doing so you can certify that your diet is giving each and every nutrient you need to stay strong & healthy. 

There is one essential nutrient, choline, which is known by only a few people. Famous dieticians say that this nutrient is highly found in animal foods such as egg yolks and it is considered vital for the brain chemical acetylcholine that assists in making our memory sharp. Not merely this but choline also comes into play, when we talk about liver function, muscle growth and even managing the cholesterol. Pregnant women needs to have this nutrient in high quantity as it may be essential for the brain development in babies. Apart from this, it also helps mothers with their livers and placental function. Here, vegan people are not supposed to fall short of choline on condition that their vegan diet takes in beans, soya, peanuts, green veggies, nuts, and multi-grains. Remember that choline is a water-soluble nutrient, so in case you want to boil green veggies, use the remaining water in soups as well as gravies.

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Vegans: Know What They Avoid Eating

In general, vegans steer clear of all animal-based food items including meat, fish, eggs, and even dairy products and honey. Apart from this, they also eliminate animal by-products like rennet that is typically used to make cheese and gelatin that is used in desserts. In fact, they also avoid eating certain vegan food stuff like meat substitutes as they include egg and at times dairy. 

Here’re A Few Shopping Tips for Vegans

If you have just switched to vegan cooking, then chew over following the below mentioned tips for vegan-friendly ingredients:

Tip#1: It is always important to look for the labels of all packed products that you want to use in cooking such as bouillon powder, sauces, etc. Here, ingredients you should keep an eye open for comprise whey and lactose that all come through milk.

Tip#2: You need to understand that non-vegan wines & beer may be processed with animal products. The same is also applicable to wine vinegars. So, you have to check that the brand is vegan-friendly.

Tip#3: Also, keep in mind that many breads as well as pastries are made using butter and some also include milk or milk derivatives.

Tip#4: You can use soft tofu as a good alternative to dairy in desserts and confirm to use secured plant-based dairy alternatives as they are full of additional vitamins.

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