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Here’re The High-Protein Vegan Dinner Recipes

High Protein Vegan Dinner Recipes

When you are following a vegan diet, getting enough protein at your dinner time can be a challenging task. You can overcome this issue, to an extent, relishing up on a fresh bowl of salad. However, this would not offer much protein.

Here we are offering you high protein vegan dinner recipes that you can include in your dietary plans so that they offer you at least adequate protein i.e. 15 gram without compromising on the delicious taste and satisfaction:

1) Sweet maple cumin lentils

Swipe your traditional pasta with the lentils to have more fiber than you can believe in your dinner. You can top the lentil with veggie ragù to make it delicious, calorie serving, and fibrous. The content of protein in recipe is 15.5 grams. Add maple cumin tomato flavor to make it more lovable.

2) Tofu scrambles with kale and sweet potatoes

The tofu scramble with kale mixed with sweet potato is packed with protein and fibre. Serving calories of around 264 counts, this is a great recipe for breakfast as well as dinner, with protein content of around 20 grams.

The flavour of onion and cumin will complement the sweet potato. Bring down your fat and cholesterol level sharply with this recipe that can be enjoyed warm. Use it as a filling for wraps to make the calorie count reach to 400 during lunch.


3) Vegan Lasagna

If you have craving for something warm and comfortable, lasagna could be your favourite and healthiest with its vegan version. Additionally, instead of ricotta, you will be using tofu flavoured with garlic and fresh basil for the velvety and creamy texture in your dish. Just that it would be more delicious and flavourful than regular lasagna. Moreover, it would be cholesterol-free, providing 450 calories, protein intake of 17 grams and rendering 5.5 grams of fibre. You can pair it with a big salad bowl which would make it more satisfying then you are cheesy pasta. Add-on the layer of roasted veggies awesome crumbles to make it more appealing and delicious.

4) Quinoa salad

Try your hands on cumin, fresh lime juice, cilantro, and cayenne, mixed with Quinoa. Add tofu for that extra love. Include whole soybeans to make up for protein intake and fiber content. Corns, beans, avocado would make it crazily nutritious. It would be almost 10 grams of fiber, 350 calories and protein -17.4 grams per serving.

5) Gingerbread buttermilk pancakes

If you have that craving for pancakes try out this fluffy and sweetly spiced buttermilk pancake which has calories, protein of 77 calories and 4 grams, respectively. Top it with few berries instead to make the calorie count of 30.

This healthy and low-calories version of buttermilk pancake with the gingerbread flavor can beat any traditional flapjack. Try making it with flax meal and water so that you can skip the cholesterol and get extra fiber. Top with added protein powder to compensate for the protein intake. It will taste amazing when served hot.

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