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Go Vegan – All About Mindful Eating

Go Vegan - All About Mindful Eating

Veganism is educating oneself with the practices of giving up animal products.  Refrain yourself from using animal products including dairy products, meat, skin, etc. The theory of veganism explains excluding food and other products that emphasizes on the animals’ usage as a consumable commodity. The person following veganism is a vegan. 

Vegan could be strict vegetarians. These people give up consuming meats, eggs and all the dairy products. Likewise, there are moral vegetarians. These people not only follow a vegan diet but also extend this theory to other areas of life too. For instance: vegan clothing is popularly becoming a fad. It is helping convert people to the greener side. Additionally, it convinces people toward turning green through textual information. Slogan written on shirts, jackets, etc. comes handy in this aspect)

Pros and cons of a vegan diet

A vegan diet is rich in dietary fiber. Also, it is enriched with iron, vitamin E, folic acid, magnesium, vitamin C and phytochemicals. However, it is lower in dietary energy. There is lack of zinc, calcium, Vitamin B12, vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids, saturated fats, and cholesterol in such diet plans.

Being mindful while going vegan

Mindful eating refers to the process when you eat slowly. This also includes relating the texture and the smell of the food. Inspecting your food and being aware of every aspect of its origin is related to mindfulness.

Veg#2 Crop Tee

It takes a lot of mindful eating when you are shifting towards a vegan diet. In short, 
an unbalanced vegan diet leads to nutritional deficiency in the body. 
This aspect is enough and irreversible neurological damages.

So, if you are opting for a vegan diet makes sure to go for fortified foods. Regular intake of dietary supplements including Vitamin B12 should not be avoided anyhow. 

Benefits of mindful eating

Becoming mindful about you’re eating includes learning to pay attention to signals of your body. These signals can be in form of hunger time, eating habits, craving, satiety, etc.

Going vegan helps to build a healthy relationship with the food.

  • It helps in breaking bad habits like consuming junk food
  • Include healthier stuff
  • Reduces emotional stress
  • Decreases the chances of eating disorders
  • Helps in maintaining body mass
  • Initiates weight reduction
  • Getting rid of mood swings
  • Better opportunities to enjoy the food 

Mindful eating is a wider concept

Mindful eating is not a single term including only the eating/ food aspect of the diet. It also includes the promotion and adoption of vegan clothing inclusive of vegan t-shirts, vegan
Jackets, etc. for women and men.

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